For our foreign guests asking for the summary of the talk show video a
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For our foreign guests asking for the summary of the talk show video about a teen age porn actress Masha Babko and the studio Siberian Mouse.


At first comes Ira, the girl who masturbated and came in the car. She says her family had no money, so she shot porn to make some. She lied to her parents claiming she makes money by painting finger nails for friends. She complains how unfortunate is that now every one knows about her career. Her ex-boyfriend left her as soon as he learned about it when she was pregnant. Then comes in her cucked husband. He says he supports her and loves the second child from him.

Then comes Masha, a porn star who recently celebrated her legal age birthday. She tells a story how she started as the porn actress. Initially her friend invited her to participate in a photo-session. Being dressed she got paid 1000 rubles. Then she continued doing photo-sessions topless and finally nude for profile. Anonymous customers who liked her made requests to shot pictures by their script. And she goes on:

- I was shocked when I learned that the camera man was arrested. I've realized that my life was about to change dramatically.

- ..But you did not realized that you were doing something wrong, did you?

- Of course we did, we understood everything.

- So why you did it were you scared?

- No, absolutely. He did not force us and never put any pressure.

- What? Do you sympathize him and disprove the sentence of 14 years in jail?

- No, I do not sympathize. I'm just telling you the facts. He never forced girls. To the contrary for many girls he was a good friend. They could always call him and get support out of the job context.

- Why do you defend him??? You've probably got broken at psycho-sexual level! be continued


The audience continues asking Masha questions:

- Have you asked a psychologist for help? It is known that you've had several suicide attempts.

- Well, that's correct, but that happened later. When people started to recognize me in the street, my classmates were playing jokes at me, boys refused to date me, my life became total disaster. I started having doubt if it ever becomes normal again, if I ever manage to have a family. I tried killing myself 2 times by eating pills, and the third time I cut my veins. I've changed several schools but my glory pursued me. At college professors were showing me my naked pictures and blamed for shooting like that. Luckily my dad was always eager to support me. He transferred me to another college asap.

And Masha continues giving her advice to possible today models:
- You should not sell yourself for a few thousands. You should quit it and inform you parents no matter how ashamed you feel. Your parents shall support you. .. My daddy always helped me even he did not took it easily. Reading Kropochkin's (the camera-man) letters from jail to me, dad commented that Kropochkin was a good psycho-analyst and also good at writing. A few centuries ago he could have become a great writer.

- oh, he mailed to you?! Did you wrote him back?

- I did not answered him. As daddy says he tried manipulating me in the letters, however he would not shoot his daughter like that. He was writing about his life in jail and he asked girls how they were doing. He wanted us to write the letters confirming that we do not blame him, so that would help him to get out of jail earlier.

- What a bastard! And how are you doing in your personal life?

- I have a boyfriend. be continued




A detective not wearing a uniform joins the discussion. The audience asks if the customers were taken down:

- We arranged a serious international investigation, we successfully involved foreign authorities all over the world. Interpol also joined the ongoing operation. For your information the customers ordering porn were not a commercial website but private individuals. It was really tough to get them to justice so we found nobody. Also, Kropochkin's wife is now living in France married to his brother, could be just a coincidence. And I have a question to the porn model Ira: you said you suffered. What was that exactly that made you feel upset? Was it the process of shooting or was it later when people started making jokes about you?

- Huh, both. I even feel shame today. I have kids and I'm afraid people will shame them too.

- So it is the consequence that makes you upset.

Another cop, a woman dressed in uniform, police expert in psychology gives her comment: "Pedophiles are fucking dangerous. Pedophilia does not come unexpectedly like suddenly starting shooting naked kids. They are maniacs always living with this. When we arrested Kropochkin, we have found tons of CP. We know that after serving their sentence they start taking pictures of naked kids again. They are bloody perverts and never stop."


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